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Hex Editor


Guccio Hex Editor is a binary editor.

You can create new binaries, open existing binaries from files, and save the binaries back to files. The editor presents the binary in three columns showing the linear address, the hexadecimal encoding, and the ASCII encoding. Binaries can be edited by overwriting, inserting, or deleting bytes in the hexadecimal or the ASCII column. Undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, and find/replace are supported.

The editor supports large files.

The editor has a slick, minimalistic user interface. All menu items have access keys assigned and many menu items have keyboard accelerator keys assigned.



  • Undo/Redo: Supported
  • Cut/Copy/Paste: Supported
  • Find/Replace: Supported
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, French, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, German